Friday, October 28, 2011

Number 26 : Keiko Wakita (脇田 恵子)

I used to hang out with a girl named Keiko. I called her Keikoholio And when I say "hang out" I mean I used to bang a girl named Keiko. And by "bang" I mean I used to stick it in her cornhole. And by "it" I mean my corncob. Maybe that's where the name Keikoholio came from. And she loved it. So that's why I think any girl named Keiko loves anal. And giving blowjobs. I think I discovered Wakita sometime last year. Thank god. I just found out today that she's only 19. So last year she would have still been legal. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Or at least her cornhole would still be legal. Cause that's where she would want me to stick it.



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Number 27 : Rumi Neely (ルミニーリー)

If there is one thing I'm in love with, it's hapa girls. If there's two things I'm in love with, it's hapa girls and booze. Mix them together and you get drunk hapa girls.Which are my specialty. Especially, the one's that have super hot legs. And the one's that wear super short shorts or skirts. Or nothing at all. It's days like this that I flip-flop between a leg man and a breast man. That's why I can't vote. Well, that and my parole board. But seriously, Rumi has some super fine legs. And a pretty hot face. And cool hair. That I'd like to braid. And she often shows off those hot legs. With a super picture heavy blog. Which is funny because the first time I heard of Rumi was on this picture heavy blog. Which is not that picture heavy anymore. Or updated that much. But Rumi updates her blog much more frequently. And gets several thousand comments per blog. Which is about how many times I have dirty thoughts about her everyday. The rest of the time I'm thinking about booze. Which I think is just super.


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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Number 28 : Hinano Yoshikawa (吉川ひなの)

Man, for the longest time I thought that Hinano's dad was the coolest ever. I mean how cool is it to name your daughter after a Tahitian beer? She's already got a logo and a brand and T-shirts and stickers. And a fan base. And when she turns 13 you can just sell her to the beer company. And they can use her to advertise thier beer in Japan. Can you imagine how much money they could make if they cornered the Japanese beer market? By using a hot chick like Hinano. I used to work with a guy who named all his kids after alcohol. I remember St Ides, Alizé, Cisco, and Junior. I'm not sure where Junior came from though. I think he named his kids after the booze that he was drunk on when he got their Mama pregnant. Maybe that explains Junior. Or maybe he was an alcoholic. Just like Hinano. Or just like I would be if my name was Hinano. Oh wait, I am anyway. Or just like how I imagine a night with her would be. Because there is nothing better than a drunk girl. Unless it's a passed out girl. Or a hot drunk girl. Or a hot drunk girl with no panties. And tattoos. Just like Hinano.


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