Saturday, January 28, 2012

Number 21 : Ella Koon (官恩娜)

Oh Ella Koon. She makes me swoon. When she acts like a baboon. She's tall like a loon. I want to lick her balloons. And lay down with her in a cocoon.  - And that folks, is why I never became a famous song writer. But seriously, there is something about gorgeous, tall, Asian girls that have an innocent yet dopey look to them. It makes me think they will be excited and surprised at anything I say or do. Like if I pulled a quarter out of her ear, she would be so amazed and wonder where it came from. And the same thing would happen when I take off my pants and she sees my junk. And then the same thing would happen when I jam it in her. And then when she climaxes, again, and again, and again. And yes, the sky in my world is rainbow colors and I swim around in marshmallow pools all day. And that makes Ella want to do a little Tahitian dance for me. I'm doing a little one man dance right now. And I'm shaking my tiki torch, if you know what I mean. And if you don't, I'm spanking it.


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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Number 22 : Jessica Michibata (道端ジェシカ)

Dear Jessica,
I want to see you naked. I want to rub my hands up and down your body. I want to see your ass. I want to wear your ass as a hat. I want to watch you brush your teeth. I want you to dress up like Mrs. Roper and call me Jack Tripper. I want to see you in a funky Indian Kama Sutra pose with me, but I hope you have less hair. (Indians are hairy.) I want you to pretend I'm a race car driver and you're an underwear model. I want you to press your boobs on the back window of the car that I'm riding in. I want you to pretend I'm a washing machine and sit on me while I have a seizure underneath you. I want you to dress up like a horse and I'll dress up like the rancher that is going to fuck you one last time before I need to put you down and send you to the glue factory because you broke your leg. I want you to put on your 3 prong strap-on and give me mushroom bruises up and down my body.  - And that gentlemen, is how you write a love letter.



Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Number 23 : Rola (ローラ)

I don't know why I get such a kick out of mixing up R and L. Or watching how pissed off Bangladeshi's get when you call them Pakistani. Or Indian. It's even better when Indians or Pakistanis mix up their L and Rs. Which brings me back to Rola. When I saw her, the first thing I thought was "She's effing hot". The second thing I thought was "She looks Middle Eastern, I bet she's hairy. Or spends a ton of time and money on laser removal or wax. I wonder if since she's in Japan, does she have a giant bush or what? I've never actually seen an Indian naked, but I bet it looks like Epic Beard Man down there." Then the third thing I thought was "I wonder what her name is?" Then when I found out it was Rola, I almost actually had some yogurt come out my nose. It's like - did her parents conceive her listening to that old Paul Simon song "Lola"? (Which I thought was actually a remake of Weird Al's "Yoda" for most of my early life.) It's funny because I actually met a dude named Lobert. He went by Lob though. His brother's name was Rarry. I thought it was Rory for the longest time. Which is what I thought was a mistaken Lori for the longest time too. Or the rongest time maybe. Maybe that's why my search for "Rong Wang" got blocked by safe search. Oh that will never get old. And neither will my love for Rola. Or her fantastic legs. That may or may not lead up to a giant bush. Which makes me want her even more.

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