Thursday, February 16, 2012

Number 19 : Shizuka Takeda (武田静加)

I've always wondered what it would be like to 69 a girl that has a long torso and short legs. I almost did it a few weeks ago, but the roofie kicked in before she got out of the bathroom. I really don't get what the big fascination with roofies are. I mean I keep on taking them, and I usually pass out before I even get my pants off. And then when I wake up, I usually have some money or vital organs missing. I wonder if there is a guide for doing roofies on the web somewhere? I mean should I stop doing them with Absinthe chasers? I just figured that would get me to the next level...without choking myself with a noose or something. But now, back to Shizuka. She is effing hot. And her blog IS picture heavy. I think it took me the entire months of July and August just to get through it. And I still haven't spanked it to all her posts. So take that Michibata. And, Shizuka is another one of the Happie Nuts girls. Hehe. She makes my nuts happy. Then she makes them hurt a little. Then she makes them cry. Then they get happy again. And a little sweaty. And then tired. And maybe if I play my cards right, I can finally see what a 69 would be like with Shizuka.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Number 20 : Jessica Gomes (제시카 고메즈)

So is it Gomes like gnomes? Or Gom-es like Pez or lez? I've heard her introduce herself as both. But whatever she wants to call herself, I call her smoking hot. And when I say smoking, I mean like the steam that comes off our bodies when I'm done with her, not like the cancer causing kind of smoking. I used to really be into girls that smoke, because my old boss at the Ponderosa used to say "They smoke, they poke." And they did! But after awhile I got sick of sitting in the smoking section at the movie theater, and tasting an ashtray when I went down on them. So I don't like that so much anymore. But girls that chew that is hot! There is nothing better than a girl with a big wad in her mouth. I mean other than my junk. And my wad after I've shot it. The problem with girls that chew is that they are so used to spitting, it just comes second nature to them. So they don't even think about swallowing. And that's why I like Jessica Gomes. The End.