Friday, December 16, 2011

Number 24 : Kelly Huang (小嫻)

If you are a parent expecting a baby, you should name that baby Kelly. That's a sure way to make sure that kid is hot. And if you are a parent expecting a baby and looking to this site for good advice, there's something seriously wrong with you. But really, I have never met a Kelly that is not hot. Kelly Kelly, Kelly Hu, Kelly Kapowski. I think I dated a girl named Kelly once. She was a lush. So naturally I got her drunk. And naked. Except for her socks. Because for some reason she wanted to keep them on. All night long I kept thinking that my roommates were playing that old joke on me where they put a dead fish under my bed. But it turned out it was just her. I guess. I never did find any fish in there. I gave her a douche the next time we went out and I never saw her again. You would think she would appreciate it. I was trying to help her out and it turns out I'm the douche. Anyway, Kelly Huang is super hot. And probably doesn't smell of fish. She kind of has plumped up in the last few years though. I keep telling her to stop swallowing, but she loves it too much. And the best part about hot girls getting fat - they get bigger tits. And fat girls are fun to plow. And she kind of looks like an ex-girlfriend of mine. That went crazy in the sack. So I bet Kelly does that too. I can't decide if I like the fat Kelly or the skinny Kelly better. If I could, I'd do them both at the same time. Someone should invent a machine that can do that. Let me know when you've got that done will ya.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Number 25 : Jaime Chung (鍾潔咪)

So, some made up magazine or forum or some such thing called Jaime the most successful Real World alumna. Now, I'm no fan of the Miz, and he really needs to cut back on the fitness drinks that are making him look puffy like HHH, but has Jaime ever been in the main event at Wrestlemania? Has she ever had toys made of her? I mean other than people cutting out her face and pasting it on a blow-up doll? Has she ever had a video game character designed for her? I guess Chi Chi is in most of the DBZ video games, so I think she does beat Miz there. Chi Chi. Hehe. It means boobs. Has she ever been in a movie with Kal Penn? Have any of the other Real World alumna done anything? If they are rating success by the number of times boys are jerking off to those so called alumna, she's beating the Miz 3:2. But, she'll always be the most successful at winning my heart. And my dreams. She gives me a real hard time. If you know what I mean. And if you don't, I mean she gives me a boner.


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